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Journals Publish

  • Women Entrepreneurship in India : published in Development of Women Entrepreneurship in India : - Problem and prospects – edited by-C. Swarajayalakshmi & published by Discovery publishing House, New Delhi. 1988, ISBN 81-7141-429-X(P-39 to 45)
  • New Horizons of Accounting disclosures practices – Needs Global Accounting standards. Edited by P.T. Choudhary. Published by Shree Niwas publications Jaipur. ISBN: 81-88730-14-9 (P-39 to 49)
  • “On line educations & Training: Opportunities & Challenges” published in On-line Education and Training” Edited by P.T. Choudhary & published by Shree Niwas publication Jaipur.ISBN :81-88730-16-5 (P-16 to 28).
  • “Time Management: The Organizational perspective” published in The Indian Journal of Commerce; Vol.-57, No. 8, July-Sept. 2004 issue. New Delhi. (Regd.No.4973/60) (P-238 to 241)
  • “Foreign Direct Investment in India after Globalization – problems and prospect”, Published in Bihar Economic Journal 2004. (Conference Volume) – (P- 563 to 566)
  • “Industrial perspective in Jharkhand State” – published in Journal of Economic & Social development; Vol-I. Jan-June 2005. Published by the Dept. of Economics VBU, Hazaribag (P- 125 to 136)
  • “The changing Dimensions of Accounting Standards – published in Vitta Sodh the journal of finance (Bi-Annual Published) & published by Dept. of financial studies. Faculty of Management studies, VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (UP) Vol-01, No.02 (July-Dec 2003) (P-65 to 76).
  • ‘Water Resources Management’ published in Souvenir A seminar on Emerging Importance of Water Resource Development. Organized by BIT Sindri (Dhanbad) 2002. (P-85 to 91)
  • “Rural Marketing”:- Issues & Strategies”. Published in the Vision Journal of Management & Allied Science – Oct-Dec. 2005 Vol-I No. – 4 published by School of Management – Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah (P-26 to 31).
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  • Information Technology: A Boom for rural upliftment (Journal papers published in “journal of Economics and social development “2007 (page 120 to 126).
  • Telecom Boom in Rural India (Journal paper) published in GNA journal of Management & Technology, Punjab 2008. ISSN-0974-5726 (page 123 to 132).
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  • Rewriting management rules for learning dynamics and value addition in ERP implementation (Joint paper) published in Vinoba Bhave journal of Economics. ISSN.0975-7473 (Page 135 to 141) year 2009.
  • Law and order sucks tourism industry in Jharkhand. Not Recession (Joint paper) published in “Anusandhanika” Ranchi year 2010. ISSN-0974-200X (page -106 to 109).
  • Credit delivery and poverty alleviation in Jharkhand, Published by Anusandhanika, Ranchi year 2010. ISSN-0974-200X (P-53 to 56)
  • Evaluation of Management Training Programmes of DVC : An approach. Paper Published by Vinoba Bhave Journal of Economics, Hazaribag year 2010. ISSN – 0975-7473 (Page – 139-143).
  • Global Recession : Opportunity and Challenges, Published by Anusandhanika, Ranchi January Vol-111 No.01, ISSN-0974-200X (P-11 to 17).
  • Impact of Banking Reforms on Foreign Banks in India, Published by Anusandhnika, Ranchi year July 2011. ISSN -0974-200X , Vol-III, No.11 (Page 55-62).
  • Managing Innovations for sustainable development through knowledge management in the present liberalised world economy, Published by Ekansh, Journal of Engineering, ICT & Management, Greater Noida, (U.P). Bi-annual, issue -03, 2011 (GNIT Group of Institution) ISSN -2230-9756 (P-46 to 48).
  • A Conceptual study on women entrepreneurship in small scale industry with special reference to Hazaribag City (Jharkhand), Published in Vidushi & Published by Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management sciences (ISSN – 0974-6374) Vol-4, No.02, July-Dec – 2012 (P-25 to 30).
  • Consumer Buying Behavior in Emerging Indian Urban Families in Present Privatized Era Published in Edited book named - Consumer protection and Behavior in Present Era (ISBN-978-81-910666-1-6) 2013 (P-216-227).
  • Issues and Strategies for sustainable socio-Economic Development in Jharkhand Published by Jharkhand Journal of Social Development, Vol-III, No.-2,2010 (ISSN – 0974-651X)(P-135 to 141).
  • Implementation of Marketing Strategies in BSNL in the present competitive scenario with special Reference to Telecom District Hazaribag published by Vichaya Educational Trust,Ranchi. Anusandhanika, Vol-IV, No.II, July 2012 (ISSN-0974-200X) (P-107 to 111).
  • Quest for Eco-Tourism – A Red-Hot issue in Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar (Jharkhand) published by Vichaya Educational Trust,Ranchi. Anusandhanika, Vol-IV, No.II, July 2012 (ISSN-0974-200X) (P-182 to 186).
  • The Attitude of Tribal Population of Ranchi (Jharkhand) Towards Hospitality education published by Shree Ram Institute’s international journal of Commerce & Management, Vol.No.-1(2013), Issue No.01 (June) (ISSN- 2321-5631).
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  • Does the Hul Prevailing Effective Strategies to Reach its Customers ,International Journal of Society and Humanities ,Edition :- Jan to June 2016 ,A Refereed International Journal Vol-8/2016 No-1, Bi Annual,ISSN-2319-2070, Centre for Minority Research & Development , Jamia Nagar, Delhi.


  • “Restructuring of public Enterprise” : A special reference of SAIL. Published in Vol-54 No.-4 in “The Indian Journal of Commerce” – Oct.- Dec. 2001. P-105.
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  • ‘Corporate Re-structuring – A strategic challenges: Published as above. (SN. 6 & Publication. P-11)
  • “International Trading System & Electronic Commerce”: Published in National Seminar on- ‘Emerging Trends in International Trade & Finance; By Osmania University, Hyderabad. June 2003.
  • ‘Knowledge Management ; published in Souvenir UGC sponsored National Conference on KM. Dec. 2004, by P.G. Dept. of Commerce & Business Administration; Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar. (Published. P-14)
  • “Child Labour in Jharkhand-published in Sovenir, UGC sponsored National Conference. On child Labour & published by Dept. of Commerce, Marwari College. (Ranchi University).
  • “Impact of Economic reforms on Employment”. Published in UGC & ERO sponsored National Seminar on “Self Employment and Govt. Policy – future challenges. August 2004. P-11 & published by dept. of Commerce, Nizam College (OU) Hyderabad.
  • “Emerging Issues and challenges before International Financial Market”: Implication for India. Published in Vanijya Aalok. On the occasion of 57th AICC. Dec. 2004 Indore. (MP). P-47.
  • “Privatization of Higher Education : Need of Radical Changes; Published in the above issue. P-57.
  • “A Value Based Higher Education in the WTO Regime” : Challenges & quality perspective-published in the above issues.
  • “Water Resource Management” : Challenges in the ‘Emerging Scenario. Published in Souvenir VI Annual conference, Bihar-Jharkhand. By department of Geography, VBU, Hazaribag, P-123.
  • “Management of Water Resources in Jharkhand” : published in the above issue.
  • “Motivation at work” published in 100 volumes Encyclopedia published by IIBM-Patna.

Books published

  • “Labour productivity in Indian Industry” published by Mittal publication. New Delhi-1989, ISBN 81-70 99-166-8. By KM Mittal : A 1/8 Mohan Garden. New Delhi.
  • Accounting for Human Resource Development: An Emerging issues for PSUs in the Global Era. (2012) published by Ayushman Publication House, New Delhi. (ISBN 978-93-81842-02-7).
  • The Model of E-Village in India published by Parikrama Prakashan, Loni Road, Delhi.( ISBN 978-81-2021-008-2) (2014)

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